About Pinnacle of Holiness Ministries

Hello. My name is D. L. Anderson. I am the founder of Pinnacle of Holiness Ministries. I am thankful you have taken the time to look into our ministry to better understand who we are and what we are about.

In order to provide you with the greatest amount of clarity concerning our spiritual organization, we have created 7 video presentations which correspond to our “Transformation By Truth” Podcast Feature Week.

The list below shows the title of each podcast. Likewise, each video presentation has a high-level outline so you have an idea of what is being covered.

1. Who We Are (Our Spiritual Organization)
2. Who We Are (Our History)
3. A Deep Dive Into Our Beliefs: Part 1
4. A Deep Dive Into Our Beliefs: Part 2
5. A Deeper Dive Into Our Beliefs: Part 1
6. A Deeper Dive Into Our Beliefs: Part 2
7. Who We Are (Our Destiny)

Please, if you are sincerely interested in learning more about our ministry and believe the Father has called you to join us, take the time to watch each of the video presentations from our Feature Week so you are 100% aware of who we are and what we believe before moving forward and taking the next step to get in touch with us.

Click Here to Watch Day 1 of Our Feature week Now…

We welcome honest questions, but we are not prepared to argue or wrestle with those who do not agree with the Truth we have received and have been spiritually licensed to share. If you do not believe in the Word of Truth we share, you are more than welcome to leave.

All others should pray and fast fervently, and ask the Set-Apart Spirit of Elohim to order their steps. That is all we want for you, and we trust it is all you want for us.


D. L. Anderson